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Fire Sprinklers

You never know when or where a fire will start in your home/workplace. What if you could have a fire fighter stationed in every room 24 hours a day, ready to stop a fire the minute it broke out!

We are specialist designers and installers of fire sprinkler and water mist fire suppression systems for Residential and Commercial.

Sprinkler Systems

All of our fire sprinkler systems are designed and installed to comply with British Standard BS9251 resulting in excellent lifesaving and reducing damage.

We can cover various types of fire sprinklers such as:

  • Mains Fed Fire Sprinklers
  • Pump and Tank Fire Sprinklers
  • Servicing and maintenance of the Fire Sprinklers

The process of a sprinkler system in the event of a fire, is commonly known that water droplets evaporate when applied to a fire, to produce steam which reduces the concentration of oxygen close to the fire. This then interrupts the chain reaction necessary for a fire to establish itself.

How it Works

A fire creates a narrow plume of hot air and gases that rise to the ceiling and spread out. When the hot gases reach the nearest sprinkler, they will heat the fusible element that holds the cap in place. The cap will fall away, and the sprinkler will spray water on the fire. Because the water immediately cools the hot gases, only sprinklers in the immediate vicinity may operate as the fine will not spread further than this.